A Compete Guide to Run Successful Email Marketing Campaign

August 6, 2021

email marketing

Want to leverage your customer’s data?

Why waste such resource when it’s a core material of the most powerful tools for SMEs.

Having a bunch of customer emails, it’s time to consider “email marketing" approach.

Many people may doubt if email marketing is still alive while everyone is talking about SEO, Social media platforms and e-marketplaces.

The problem is that people don’t know how to do it right, so they think the marketing strategy is dead.

The truth is that the strategy is still alive, it functions well actually.

In article, we will discuss about email marketing related topics to help you avoid mistakes and enjoy ROI including:

  • What’s email marketing?
  • Advantages of email marketing?
  • How to run a successful campaign.

What is email marketing?

To begin with, email marketing is a channel that businesses use to promote products or services directly to customer emails.

Email marketing may refer to newsletters, promotions as well as other company messages.

AWeber reported that 79% of small business admit that email marketing is important to business’s strategy. It plays a crucial role in building relationship with your customers.

According to Statista, a number of email user worldwide is around 3.9 billion which is greater than number of Facebook and Twitter users combined.

How it works?

The way email marketing works is a little more complicated than just simply blast email to your customer addresses.

First, you will need to gather your customers email, whether through your CRM system or your lead magnet.

Next, consider using Email Service Providers (ESPs) for your email marketing campaign because those free email provided by companies like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook are designed for personal use.

Meaning that sending mass emails from such account will put your business at risk being seen and spam. While ESPs are designed for marketing purpose. You can rest assure the deliverability that your messages will be sent into customers inbox.

What benefits you will get from email marketing?

There are plenty of advantages from email marketing make it effective and timeless. With these benefits, SMEs can win the business easily.

Keep in touch with audiences.

With email marketing, your brand can stay in contact with customers, keep them informed about any updates or promotions you have for them.

You can give them a feeling that you are missing them, so you write them emails.

Plus, you are not being intrusive because people check their email when it’s convenient. Unlike, cold-calling and door-to-door selling that can be annoying.

It’s a good way to present and remind people of your brand and products because sometime, people will just completely forget about you after a period of time.

Personalise and relevance

Of all kind marketing, one of the key factors to draw attention from audiences is personalisation and relevance.

Good news! Email marketing can deliver you just that.

With our professional techniques, you will have different lists of customer email based on their interests / actions on your business.

Through this method, you can highly personalised and relevant to your audiences.

Cost Effective

While many digital advertising campaigns may take a large part of your total budget, email marketing is budget friendly!

For SME businesses, you may not consider advertising on mass media because the cost will be extremely high and it is not realistic. Right?

That makes email marketing a better, feasible choice.

Considering that it’s delivering you a pleasant ROI, it’s worth it to get someone manage the campaign for you.

 Fantastic ROI

Email marketing can deliver an impressive ROI for your business.

According to Hubspot, 86% of customers like to get promotional email from brands they subscribe once a month. Meaning that they are willing to spend if the promotion is right!

Additionally, another report shows that customers who purchase products from email marketing campaigns spend 138% more than those who don’t get offer emails.

Email Marketing ROI

In fact, email marketing ROI for every $1 spent can be up to $40. That is the highest number comparing to other marketing channels!

How to run a successful email marketing campaign?

Now that you know how much potential email marketing has. Here are some tips you can follow along to improve your email marketing approach.

Build email list

The very first step is to get your email list in place.

We highly recommend you to use lead magnet to gather customer emails. Tell them what value they will get after signing up for your news letter, so that they look forward for your emails.

You are highly recommended to avoid being intrusive! If you put all the hard sales right in their faces, that’s going to scare them away.

Other than that, you should segment your mailing list because different group of customers may value different things. Segmenting your email list can help you target to the right audience group.

Update your database on regular basis. Remove those audiences who has shown no interest on your business and inactive addresses out of your list.

Write your email

When you start writing a new email for your marketing campaign, the subject deserve your attention and effort.

Let’s face it. People judge emails by the subject lines. You will need compelling subjects to get people to open your emails because bad subject emails will go straight to their trash.

Personalised and relevant content is proven effective and keep audiences interested throughout the email. Giving customers what they value and your business will enjoy success!

Also, don’t forget to optimise your call-to-action to boost conversion. Basically, if the audience are interested in your business, you should give them a guidance on what to do.

Schedule your email

It’s highly important that you be strategic on your email marketing campaign.

People are likely to check email regularly in the morning before work around 10 a.m. and afternoon around 2 p.m. Knowing their routine, you can pick the right time to send email to them.

Additionally, if you promise audiences to send them email once a week. Do just that! Flooding their mailbox with your email doesn’t deliver you ROI, instead, worst case, you can get unsubscribed.

Test your email first

Before you send out emails to your audiences, send yourself an email first to check if things go the way they should.

This includes misspellings, broken links, call-to-action button.

Also, make sure that your email appear properly from both desktop and mobile versions.

 Maximise technology

There are things that you can do to improve your email deliverability.

Like mentioned earlier, consider using ESPs for sending a bunch of emails.

Automation and workflow can be of use on your campaign, so you don’t miss a great opportunity to build relationship with your customers.

Email marketing is a great marketing tool. It’s affordable yet effective with high ROI.

Consider using email marketing to build success to your business and bring home the bacon!