Automate Tasks with Custom Software

August 6, 2021


Do you want your business to do more?

Manual work leads to human errors and inefficiency.

In this article you will find

  • When to Start Using Custom Software
  • Recommended Approach to Implement New Software

When to Start Using Custom Software

Common Myth

First of all, let me clear out the common “myth" when it comes to software development.

Most people blindly believe it is going to be a huge expense for the business to develop a custom software.


The fact is,

Yes, if you try to develop something from scratch (which some company recommend to be “professional") reality is that there is already well developed pre-maid software available.

Some for free, some with small expense.

All you have to do is to connect those to your main system.

That’s it.

Don’t need to develop everything from ground zero.

When to start using Custom Software

In general, work flow within your business that doesn’t require human attention should be automated.

For example, managing stocks, sending customers a reminder, aggregating numbers to generate reports, and perhaps Invoicing.

If your business is already up and running, you might be using some soft of system to manage your business.

It could be excel sheet or pre maid CRM to manage orders.

Often, business uses multiple software for different purposes.

Common problem is the fact that data gets saved everywhere, and as business grows, maintaining data becomes a little troublesome.

When managing data start to get overwhelmed, it’s a good time to take action.

Recommended Approach

It’s very common to experience a “Rejection" when trying to implement new system.

Gets more and more obvious when company size is larger.

It’s understandable because they don’t see the problem as a whole.

So first approach is not to change the core part and “add features" to existing system.

As we discussed earlier, there are bunch of “already made software" ready to perform out of the box.

If this doesn’t work, you will need to spend some time understanding current work flow and make the new one as similar as possible to the existing software.

In case you want to save your time and effort to upgrade your software, You can hire us to manage all software requirements.

We will look for the optimal solution and take care of whole implementation process!