How to Properly Setup Sales Funnel to Automate Your Online Sales

August 6, 2021

Sales funnel

Made a website but no sales…?

You may have missed to implement a proper sales funnel.

In this article you will find:

  • What is sales funnel and why it matters
  • How to setup successful sales funnel
  • Useful Softwares

What is sales funnel and why it matters

Without proper sales funnel, business will be relying on luck to bring new customers.

Sales funnel allows us to rely on numbers and statistics to generate daily/monthly/yearly sales.

So, what is Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is a road map to convert first time visitor to happy royal paying customer.

Idea is simple.

“Build relationship before selling something"

This is where numbers on new online business owners get tricked by “web developers", where their job is to create website when your aim is to MAKE PROFIT!

If your website is currently screaming at your first customers’ face to “BUY BUY BUY", its time re-consider your strategy.

Having proper sales funnel will boost your sales regardless of business size or price range of products / services.

Please read on if you want to boost your sales.

How to setup successful sales funnel

Sales funnel generally gets divided in a few steps.

To keep things simple, we will divide them in 3 segments

1: Leads
2: Nurture
3: Customer

See below for detailed breakdown.

1: Leads

This is where all the magic starts, Leads.

In marketing world we use the word “Leads" it just means “Potential Customers"

The fastest and easiest way to collect lead is to offer them something for free in exchange for their email. (It’s called lead magnet)

It doesn’t need to be a tangible products, it could be free ebook or free consultation.

Make an offer that is hard (or even impossible) for your potential customer reject.

For example,

If you are a real estate agent, give away PDF to show surrounding area’s property value or historical value movements.

People who are looking to purchase a real estate surely would also be interested in such information.

Ideally, we should have dedicated landing Page to collect emails, it will work much better.

But wait, how to Promote the Landing Page

If you are looking for instant result, use ads such as Google Ads.

Luckily we have plenty of choice when it comes to ads platform.

Choose the right one that fits best to your products/services and target audience.

If you need help?

Feel Free to apply for 100% Free Consultation.

↑ this is our lead magnet in practice.

2: Nurture

Just because they registered for your free offer, doesn’t mean they will buy your product / service straight away.

Once you collected the email, it’s time to build relationship with potential customers.

Common practice is to utilize email marketing (Scheduled Emails to be more specific)

This is a series of email send out to leads automatically.

For example:

Day 1: Thank you email (when lead register)
Day 2: Send more value
Day 3: Send even more value

Something like this.

Again, Do Not Scream to BUY BUY BUY in your email.

Goal is to provide Value to customers at each email.

After 1 useless (sales email) potential customers will stop checking emails from you (YOU ARE DONE FOR THEM)

It’s possible to automate sending email depends on what actions has taken from the lead (ex: send Day 3 email if leads visited particular webpage etc)

We will discuss more about this in section below.

3: Customer

Some sales funnel ends as soon as leads make a purchase.

But we think its such a waste of opportunities.


Because we have huge possibilities to UPSELL!

It’s called “Front End Product" & “Back End Product"

Normally frontend product is something cheap, and backend product is expensive.

For example:

If you are selling cosmetic, you can offer huge discount for best selling (bread & butter) product as front end and offer annual subscription as backend.

Useful Software

When creating a sales funnel, having proper tools helps to bring greater results.

These are some of the tools we use when creating live sales funnel.


After evaluating almost all the CRM out there in Market, we recommend using zoho CRM for 3 reasons

1: Price is reasonable
2: Offer Real Time visitor tracking
3: Scheduled email automation (depends on user history)

Downside is zoho has lots of features for advanced users, you might feel difficult to set it up if you don’t have prior experiences.

but don’t worry, We can help you with that.

Landing Page

Most certainly successful sales funnel requires to have proper Landing Page.

or possibly a few Landing pages

1 for collecting email
1 for front end offer
1 for back end offer

and so on.

Key here is to have dedicated page for each steps (purpose), we want to aim 1 action / 1 page.

if you are looking to let customers pay online, we will need payment integration with Landing page

The easiest solution is to use WordPress & Woocommerce

Carts Flow does the best in this area.

To summarize, Sales Funnel is all about building relationship with first time customers and convert them to royal paying customers.

Having successful sales funnel means you can say good bye to “waiting for customers" and say hello to “calculated sales" which gets generated automatically, even when you are at sleep!

That’s it for this article!

Thank you for reading, if you are stuck in setting up a sales funnel, hire us to make it perfect for you because that’s what we do for a living!