How to use Shopee Tools to Boost Sales

April 29, 2021

Shopee Content

Looking for a way to boost sales on your Shopee store?

Assumed that you have an online store on Shopee’s e-marketplace platform, you may want to know how to boost sales on the platform.

If you have no idea what’s Shopee, we highly recommend you to read our separate article : How to register as a Shopee Seller.

You may have made some sales through the platform. But, what if you can get more?

Or may be, you have been selling on Shopee for awhile, but don’t feel like getting ROI you deserve.

This article, we are going to discuss about how to leverage tools available on Shopee to help you make a handsome result.

  • Improve Your Selling Materials
  • How to Use Marketing Centre
  • Shopee Event

Improve Your Selling Materials

First of all, before we get into any technical tool to improve your ecommerce store performance, you are highly encouraged to take a look at your selling materials.

There are a lot of aspects you can do to improve it, and you will see HUGE differences.

Mobile Oriented

The majority of customers use the platform through their mobile devices. It’s a smart move to accommodate mobile.

For example, your product photos should be shot on close-up shots, so that audiences browsing your products via mobile devices can see the product clearly.

Also, it’s nice to use white background images because it will be standard requirement for some campaigns.

 Product Description

Apart from the product images, you should spend sometime to write persuasive copy for your products.

A good copy is your selling machine, it can perfectly perform conversion for your store. For online business, copywriting supersedes human staff meaning that it’s worth to invest on your product description.

Leverage Shopee Marketing Centre 

Shopee has built its own marketing platform helping seller like you to boost sales. There are a lot you can do from Shopee Marketing Centre feature.

To access to the Marketing Centre, go to Shopee Seller dashboard > Marketing Centre.

For Shopee’s marketing tools, we categorized them into 3 sections which are to boost sales, to increase store followers and to increase store traffics.

Boost Sales with Promotion 

This feature allows you to offer customers with special promotions to persuade them.

Shopee Promotion to Boost Sales


This option, you can give customers e-voucher to increase your sale volume. A number of Thai online shoppers like to collect e-vouchers.

For this voucher promotion, you can choose either to apply for a specific product or the entire store.

Voucher Setting

Pro tips : Go with “Discount" rather than Coins cash back because this way, you are giving hard dollar off and it’s more simple for customers meaning

Also, you can choose if you want to give the discount in fix amount or percentage off. You can set the minimum for customers to get discount from your store.

You have voucher placement options that you can maximize the result.

Voucher Placement

You can either display the voucher to all pages of your store, or to a specific place such as on your live commerce, store feed or you can specifically share the voucher to only a specific customer to generate the sense of exclusive.

Discount Promotion

This is the option that you directly give percentage discount off from products on your store. You can choose a batch of products that you want to discount.

Discount Products

Your customers will automatically get the discount when they buy any product listed on the batch.

Bundle Deal 

It’s the kind of promotion that you use in order to increase customer’s cart size. This promotion can be used to encourage customers to spend more to receive discounts.

Bundle Deal Promotion

You can use percentage off for a minimum amount of purchase or you can create bundle price for a set of product. When customers buy products in the bundle set, they will get special discount.

Add-on Deal

There are 2 types of add-on deal promotion which are add-on discount and Gift with minimum spend.

Add on deals

  • Add-on Discount

For this promotion, you can encourage customer to buy a specific product on your store and then they will get add-on product in a special price or even free.

  • Gift with Min. Spend

This option, you can set a minimum spend on your store and give them giveaway gift.

My Shop’s Flash Sale

You can have your own flash sales to urge customers to buy products quickly before the promotion ended.

Flash Sales on Shopee

With in three simple steps to run the promotion, Choose the specific time slot for your promotion. Then, add products to the campaign along with discount details.

Then, you can display the Flash Sales on your Store.

Increase Store Engagement with Customers. 

When it comes to online store, the competition is high. Customers can easily find a product like yours literally everywhere.

Shopee offers tools to increase engagement for your business such as Follow Prize, and Live Streaming. With These tools, you can easily form activities to interact with customers.

Follow Prize

Shopee offers you this tool to help you encourage customers to follow your store. You will need to use this tool to build customers base.

When they follow your store, they are likely to see updates from you easily,

Store Follow Prize

To use this tool, you will need to set a specific period first. Then, you will have prize option for.

Once customers follow your store, they will get a voucher which you can choose either discount or coin back.

Live Streaming

It’s a feature that helps you have real-time interaction with your customers.

Shopee Live

You can live in through your Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), or you can live stream via your mobile.

During the live stream session, you can create vouchers to giveaway to boost engagement from customers.

Increase Your Store Traffic

More traffic means more customers! Shopee has developed tools to help you get more visitors on your store.

Increasing traffic tool

Shopee Ads

You can help shoppers find your store by running Shopee Ad campaign. There are 2 types of ads you can run under Shopee Ads feature which are Search Ads and Discovery Ads.

Ads on Shopee

  • Search Ads

It’s the kind of ads campaign that your products will appear on the top of search result responded to a specific keyword.

To create a campaign, you have to choose the product that you want to run an ad campaign for. Then, set up the campaign.

With this search ads, you are able to go limitless on your budget or you can set daily/total budget for your campaign. Daily budget starts from 20 baht and total budget starts from 100 baht.

Also, you are able to set timeframe for your campaign, when to start and when to stop.

Keyword for Search ads

The most important part for your search ads is the keywords.

If you are not sure what keywords to choose, you can just enable auto selected button and let Shopee AI run the related keywords for you.

Otherwise, you can manually manage your target keywords for ads campaign.  With Shopee Ads, you can see search volume for each keyword which is great that you will have some idea about the possibility for your products to be found.

In the Match Type sessions, you have 2 options which are Broad match and Exact match.  Broad match is giving your keywords flexibility, when someone searches for a phrase that is close to your keywords, you ads are likely to appear.

On the other hand, exact match will strictly focus on the phrase you use for keywords. Only exact search will find your ads.

Then, you will have to set your bid. Shopee already did the work for you on suggested bid which you can rely on for your ads to stay competitive.

  • Discovery Ads

Discovery ads is the kind of ad that will appear on “Similar Products" , “Daily Discover" and “You May Also Like"

Basically, your ads will appear when customers look at a product that like yours. So, the “You May Also Like" session will serve customers with alternative products.

Discovery Ads

Setting discovery ads on Shopee is easy. You just select a specific product with daily budget and time length. Then, you let the AI do its work.

Top Picks

Top Picks is a session that you can highlight top selling products on your store.

Top picks session

You can choose from 4 – 8 products to feature on a collection. When customers visit your store, they will see your top picks products first.

Shopee Events

If you are selling on Shopee, one of the most important thing that you cannot afford to miss is Shopee Events!

Normally, the day that shopee generate the largest sale volume for sellers are double-digit days like 01/01 (01 Jan), 02/02 (02 Feb) and so on.

Shopee Event

At the Marketing Centre, you will see available events at the top.  The campaigns have their own theme such as gaming, hobbies and beauty.

If you are interested to join the campaign, make sure that your product fits to the campaign theme and requirments.

Campaign requirements

It’s highly important that your product meets the criteria because Shopee will have human staff approving your product to be listed on the campaign.

With these powerful tools from Shopee, you can enjoy benefits with great ROI from the platform. Do it smart and your online business in Thailand will be successful!