Landing Page : Why is it important for your business

August 6, 2021

Landing Page Sample

Wonder how to convert a prospect to a paying customer?

Consider using an effective “Landing Page" to generate leads and conversions for your business.

If you are new to online marketing, you might probably have no idea what is landing page.

In this article, we are providing comprehensive guide landing page related including:

  • What is landing page?
  • What are benefits from landing page?
  • How to optimise landing page?

What’s landing page?

You may have heard of the term “landing page" all over digital marketing world.

But what is it actually?

Landing page is a webpage specifically designed to convert traffics into leads. Such pages are made focusing on one single objective through Call-to-Action.

In general, a landing page may hold these characteristics :

  • A form for visitors to fill their information in exchange of something valuable for them.
  • A single focused objective which is Call-to-Action (or CTA) 

Now, see that a homepage is not necessary considered as a landing page.

As a matter of fact,

A homepage is mainly to provide information about business to visitors. There might be a lot of distractions on homepage because, every business wants visitors to understand what they are doing at their homepage.

A landing page, on the other hand, focuses on single aspect which is CTA encouraging visitors to take action.

Samples of landing page

Below will illustrate you with some examples of landing page from businesses.

Landing Page Sample 1

This is a landing page from Netflix. You can see that the whole page focuses on a single CTA which is to encourage audiences to insert their email.

Landing Page Sample 2

Another sample is from Flickr, for this site, they are slightly different as they don’t have a form on it. The page is built with a focus on one Call-to-action button which will lead to the registration form later.

How landing page works?

Imagine you are visiting a brand homepage, you may find a lot of distractions going on all around. These distractions can slow your visitors , or worst prevent them, from making a purchase.

The landing page is here to block all distractions.

Here is your customer journey might be :

  1. Your Advertisement attract audiences that they click on your ads.
  2. They land on your landing page and see the value of your offer that they cannot turn it down.
  3. They click your Call-to-Action willingly to trade their information with the value being offered.
  4. Their addresses are on your email list that can follow up and nurture the relationship until they are ready to make a purchase.

Once a visitor lands on a landing page with CTA button, it will bring them to a form asking for their information.

This is where your visitors get converted into leads.

Why is a landing page important to your business?

Now, let’s discuss about the benefits you will get from having an excellent  landing page.

Lead Generator

First of all, landing page will serve you as a lead generator machine.

Your landing page plays a part as your sales person who work hardest because it never goes to sleep.

It can be used days and nights exchanging visitors information with anything that valuable for them i.e, free ebooks, discount codes, or free trials.

Getting a landing page is like hiring a staff who willing to work for your company 24/7.

Leads from landing pages are solid

The leads you get from landing pages are solid and qualified because only those who are interested in your business will trade their information with your offers.

You can sense the strong purchase intention when visitors stay on your landing page long enough to provide you their details.

Meaning that you stand a higher chance in converting leads to paying customers!

Landing pages builds your email list

Through landing pages, you can gather visitors email to build your database for further email marketing approach.

Not every visitor will be ready to buy your product from the very first time they visit. Through landing page, you can get their information and follow up later.

Read our article about email marketing here:

Getting customer emails by using landing page is the most appropriate technique.

We highly recommend you avoid buying email list from other companies because that way you are taking risks being intrusive. That will harm your business eventually.

With the power of the landing page, your business conversion rate will improve greatly.

Landing pages improve your SEO

You can see your targeted keywords ranking better on search engines like Google by optimising your landing pages.

You can play with your keywords on the landing page and have multiple pages link back to your landing page for related topics.

Chance is Google will see your landing page as authoritative and give you higher visibility rate.

How to optimise landing pages?

Here are a few tips you can use to improve your landing page to get high conversion rate.

Understand your goal

Having a clear goal is crucial for landing pages. It’s because a great landing page should focus on only one CTA objective.

If you are having many topics going on across your landing page, remove it!

Your landing page will be more effective with less distractions. Remember that less is more.

Compelling landing page

Try to use compelling words on the headline to catch audiences attention right away.

Also, tell people what value you are offering in exchange for their information. This is key for landing page, give them valuable offer that they cannot resist.

Don’t forget to include relevant images on your landing page to make it interesting. Who doesn’t like good images?

Sometime, a picture can even tell a better story than words!

Shape the form

Make sure that you only ask audiences for necessary information. If you find irrelevant questions on your form, you’d better remove it.

Too long of a form can scare customers away because we all are afraid of wasting our time. Some cases, people concern about giving too much of personal information.

Landing pages play a crucial part for business these days. What’s the point of having a tremendous amount of traffics, but you can barely convert them into leads.

It is an effective tool to drive conversion for your business. The ROI from this simple tool is insane!