Start Accepting Credit Card at Your Website

August 6, 2021

Accepting Credit card

Do you want to start charging customers directly from your website?

Accepting credit cards on your online store is now extremely important as it can boost your opportunity to sell. In fact, it influences customers to spend on your store as they can also enjoy benefits from their credit card (rewards, cash back, etc).

Customers trust stores that accept credit card for it shows that such business is serious.

Additionally, this serves your customers convenience that influences them to spend!

It’s worth to consider accepting credit card for it keeps your business competitive.

In this article you will find out about

  • Start Accepting Credit Card
  • Recommended Payment Service Provider

Start Accepting Credit Card

Accepting payments online has never been easier before.

If you are starting out your new online business, you probably want to start charging customers online.

It will improve your cash flow and most importantly you can be free from all the manual work involved in accepting payments.

You can even setup a subscription to charge your customers fixed monthly fee automatically.

Recommended Payment Service Provider

Here are some list of payment service providers we are good at integrating with.


Stripe is not as famous as Paypal but it’s the “go-to" platform now for web developers.

The system is very well organized and documented.


Paypal used to be the “King" in this industry.

But lack of customer support and out dated system is making general users to shift to Stripe.

Use it as “backup" option.


Omise is famous payment service provider in Thailand.

If you are looking to optimize your shop to sell to Thai Market, omise might be the best choice.

Downside is that Omise has very strict regulations, so you will need to make sure what you are selling is “legit" from their perspective.

If you are in “high risk" business, these 3 companies may deny accepting payments.

Please contact us to discuss about which payment solutions works the best for you!