Why Customer Support Is Important to Your Online Business

August 6, 2021

Customer Support

Want to keep customers satisfied with your business?

The key for this is customer support.

In general, businesses have two main parts, to sell products and to support clients about anything products related. Simple as that!

Good customer support does not only serve the later, but also influences the former.

It’s no doubt that customer support is important to every business as it’s key to success.

This article will make sure you give priority to customer support including :

  • Definition of customer support.
  • Why should you pay attention to customer support.
  • What to do to improve customer support.

What is customer support?

Customer support is assistance you offer to prospects and customers to resolve their problems related to your products.

This includes presenting products, answering product questions, troubleshooting as well as upgrading customers with new products (up-selling).

Customer support can take place to various channel such as phone call, email, and online chat platform.

Successful businesses don’t just sell and make profits. They also take good care of customers experience to sustain business’s earning.

Customer support perfectly fits for both functions.

Your business will enjoy plenty of benefits for having a good customer support.

Continue to read this article to find out why.

Why customer support matters?

When doing a business, we understand that there may be so much going on.

We insist customer support deserves priority and your attention, especially for ecommerce business.

It’s the face of your business.

Your customer support team is the face of your business because they interact with customers directly.

When customers have any issue, they will come to your customer support to get solutions.

According to Bain & Company’s report, customers are 4 times more likely to turn to your competitors after a bad service vs. product issues.

So, you can’t afford to lose customer for having poor customer support because the wound will be so much worse than product related problems.

If you are looking for a customer support team with professionalism and excellent service, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our consultant.

We are providing customer support solution for ecommerce business. Let we do all the heavy lifts for you to enhance and ensure your customers satisfaction and happiness.

It keeps customers happy

For the record, happy customers spend 140% more!

Good customers support can form positive feeling to your customers. That’s the value of customer support.

When things go wrong, your customer support can be a hero to save the day for your clients.

Also, keep in mind that finding new customers is so much more difficult than to keep the current ones happy. If your customers are not happy with your service, fix it before losing them.

The secret is everyone loves themselves, so you should make customers feel like they are important.

Once customers start to feel that they are important to your business, they become your brand loyalty.

It saves up your marketing resources

Further from happy customers, they are willing to be your brand promoters. They can spread the your name through their connection.

For Thai market, authentic contents from your customers are effective and more reliable than advertising on mass media.

Basically, you can maximize your customer support by forming word of mouth marketing. It works well and doesn’t cost you a cent!

A report shows that getting a new customer will cost you 7 times higher than to keep existing ones.

Combining with what has been mentioned earlier, we say “work smart, don’t only work hard".

Investing on customer support saves both your money and energy!

It expands your opportunities to sell

While many think of customer support as the end of customer journey, we don’t waste such opportunity!

At the end of the day, every business needs to see growing revenue. Customer support can deliver you that.

Imagine when you want to try a new product, you may turn to customer support to ask for more information. Other people do that too.

It makes your potential customers feel confident enough to try your product.

Plus, you can persuade customers to spend more through customer support. It’s a chance that you hear what they need.

After hearing customer’s problem, you may see sale pitches from their stories. That’s when you are encouraged to give customers your product value or even upsell.

For ecommerce businesses, customer support is a must-have service because it functions as both sell staff and after-sales support.

Unlike many physical stores, sell staffs and customer support are completely separated.

How to improve your customer support.

Here are some tips that you should consider if you want to keep your customer happy.

Make your customer support available 24-7

It’s in online business nature that customers are going to buy whenever they are comfortable.

To maximize this non-stop opportunity to sell, you may consider providing 24/7 support.

Technology can be of use!

We understand that it might be too difficult to have human staff standby all day and night. You can use chatbots to help during off-working hours.

Your customers can still get the support they need while you are away.

Plus, chatbots can respond to queries real fast which makes them suitable for simple questions to help you improve workflow.

Make customers feel human services

While using chatbots to answer simple questions during off hours. That doesn’t mean you can ignore providing human touch.

As a matter of fact, many customers prefer to talk with other human beings to explain their complicated issues.

When it comes to technical or complex issues that beyond the chatbot’s ability, it requires your human agent’s expertise to solve such complications.

In case of angry customers, your chatbots don’t have feeling and cannot spot the frustration from customers. Sometime, they just need empathy to calm their anger down.

So, it’s better to customer them feel human touch.

Action on promises

Ecommerce businesses rely on customers trust. So, it’s important to keep your words.

For example,

When a customer contacts you for help and you promise them to follow up. Then, follow up for them and keep them updated.

It’s ok to proactively contact your customers when you have updates. This can increase customer satisfaction indeed!

When your business grows, consider using CRM platform. Your business will get benefits and never miss any pending promises to customers.