Why Should You Have a Website for Your Brand?

August 6, 2021

Website is important for online businesses

Are you planning to bring your business online?

In these days, your online presence is of importance for your business. Having a strong presence online means you have access to success.

Well, there are plenty options for you such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as e-marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.

Yet, one thing that’s not mandatory but can have great impact on your digital branding is your own website.

While, many small businesses decide to go with social media and skip building their own websites.

It’s understandable that people don’t want to build their own website because it’s complicated and comes with a price.

We say, doing so is risky because you will lost opportunities to secure and maximize your online business.

In this article, we will talk about having a website for your online business including

  • Why Business Needs a Website?
  • Benefits of having a good website.
  • What makes a good website?

Why Business Needs a Website?

First of all, we want you to understand why is it important for business to have a website because that can bring you ultimate value.

It’s unfortunate that many business owners ignore the value of website despite the fact that they can explore more opportunities from having a website.

In fact, it’s a risk to lose the business just over night.

Read on to see why.

Dependency on Social Media Platforms.

Instead of having a website, many businesses just go straight on building their empire on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms.

It’s a good thing to leverage these channels for your business, so don’t get us wrong.

Nonetheless, relying heavily on social media platforms can be risky for businesses.

To illustrate this,

You may have watched the famous movie “the Avenger" from the marvel universe. The ultimate villain – Thanos has this super power when he snaps his fingers, half of the universe population are gone.

Believe it or not, all these social media platforms have the same power.

You may have a good business on the platforms with a lot of customers.

One day, the owner of the platform decides to change / improve the way they serve their users. So, they change the platform’s algorithm.

You can lose everything overnight including your customers. Just like Thanos snaps his fingers, simple as that.

Imagine that you have 100 new customers everyday visiting your Facebook page, and Facebook just decided that they don’t like the way the let you run business.

That’s when you lose your organic traffic with very limited reach to new customers. The number can go down to 10 customers a day.

It means that they control the traffic of your store. In this case, you are helpless, but follow the rules.

The solution to this is to have your own website. Nobody can take away your online store traffic.

You are in control!

Benefits of Having a Website

Apart from the fact that you can control the risk of losing traffic overnight from social media platform’s finger snapping, there are plenty of benefits you can get.

It’s super important that you are aware of these benefits before you decide to throw the idea of having a website away.


Trust is key for business success regardless of industry. Agree?

By having a proper, professional website, you can increase your online store’s credibility tremendously.

You can put your company / store detail on the website to let your visitors see who you are, where you are at, what’s your contact detail etc.

Imagine, when you want to buy something online, one of the factors you consider is the website of the store. Right?

This is true for the majority of online customers.

You can stand out from your competitors by having a professional website. That’s where you show your business legitimacy to the world.

Retargeting Campaign

Did you know that you can leverage your website for your further marketing campaign?

Well, there will be just very small number who are likely to convert from the first time they see you.

One solution for this problem is called “Retargeting“. Please read our previous article about retargeting to learn more about it.

By installing pixel on your website, you can have a better understanding on your customer journey.

Also, this tool helps you remind your customers about your product.

When visitors come to your website, they show their interest in your products / services. Meaning that there’s a greater chance to convert them to your customer as they are already aware of you.

Statistically speaking, retargeting can increase your conversion rate 43%.

Without a website, there’s no way for business to run retargeting campaign.

Find New Potential Customers

Other that that website allow you to do retargeting, following your website visitors, reminding them about your products.

Having your website install pixel, you can use the data to find new potential customers on platforms.

You can import your customers data who converted / purchased your products to platforms like Facebook or Google Ads, there’s a feature called Lookalike to help you find new customers who have similar behaviour to your customers.

This way, you can reach out to them easily with the data collected from your website.

Clients Database

Having a website for your business, you can use it to collect customer data for further use.

You can have a newsletter section where you can ask customers to give their information such as email and phone number to you in exchange of something value able to them.

This will be extremely helpful for your business in the long run.

Businesses can leverage customer data in many ways such as, improving customer experience, improving marketing campaign by making it more personalized, etc.

There’s a saying “data is gold", and we truly agree with that statement. Don’t you?

What Makes a Good Website?

Well, there are countless number of things you can do to improve your website. Yet, it’s next to impossible to follow every single thing recommended online to make your website perfect.

Nobody is perfect, but we can give you our best suggestions for you to stand out from your competitors.

Clean Layout Design

One of the most essential aspects for your website is the design. We highly recommend you to keep your website clean and well organized, so that new visitors can learn quickly about you and your products.

Clean design keeps your visitors scrolling through pages while messy website will kick them out in no time.

Good design website will also make your digital branding look more professional, and that’s related directly to trust-building process.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, people use internet via their smartphones everywhere around the corners of the world.

It’s not just a good idea, but rather a MUST to have your website designed with mobile responsive version. It also give your business SEO advantage as Google loves mobile friendly websites.

This way, you can  truly run business anywhere, anytime.

Valuable Contents

The heart of every website is the contents. People judge your website by the contents posted there, so do search engines.

It’s crucial that you keep the contents on your website updated and relevant to satisfy your visitors.

If you can provide the contents that your customers care about, they will keep coming back to you!


Having a website is important for your business in a long run as you can manage risks and leverage the data you can collect from your website.

Your business can take many advantages from your website. You can build trust, run marketing campaign, and leverage clients data in the future.

When creating a website, you should consider using a clean design with mobile responsive as well as  providing contents that your customers care about.